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Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Subject:hmmm, not bad at all
Time:8:38 am.
JustSayHi - Science Quiz

also, since i didn't mention it yesterday, happy 1-year anniversary to me and my job. as of yesterday, i've been at this job for year. and not only did my job keep me, i have not quit yet! and i think that's pretty darn special, for restlessness is in my nature. maybe i'm settling down and becoming an adult? oh, probably not... but i am finding that it's best for me to actually have employment on my resume that lasts for more than a year, and i do enjoy this job even if i know it's not my ultimate goal of where i want to stay until i retire, or die, which is most likely when i'll actually stop working. so woo for me keeping a job for a whole year... technically now a year and a day! i rock!

finally, today is my friday at work, sort of. i don't have off work thursday or friday, but i have a big fancy dpw med training to go to since i'm a med trainer and we're switching our training program. so this is my last day in the office, and truthfully i have almost nothing that needs to be done. i have to fill a couple slots on the schedule to make sure shifts are covered for the weekend, and i have to try to make alfred stop being a dumbass. other than that i'm pretty sure i'm going to clean up my work computer a bit because it's got so many unnecessary files on it that i can't find the ones i really do need. maybe i'll do some paper filing as well. yup, it's exciting, hence why i'm posting on livejournal.

also, i have UNSCHEDULED TIME this weekend, and we all know that that is NO GOOD for me. i dislike unscheduled time. if anybody lives remotely close to me (read: sorry julie and chris and lauren, but if i can drive there in a few hours i'm cool) and wants to hang out, i am all over that! if nobody is free, i am going to watch cspan for the entire weekend, and that just can't be healthy.
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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Time:9:38 pm.
i always said this day would come. did anyone listen? of course not...

zombies. yup, zombies.

but of course, you all know that by now, if there's even anybody left alive to read this. well, i guess if i'm here to write this, there has to be SOMEBODY left to read. but probably not for long.

i certainly won't be. i've always said that once the zombies came, i'd kill myself before they got a chance to do it. and i was lucky enough to last long enough to do just that. goodbye and good luck.

(note: it's blog like it's the end of the world day. there are not really zombies, nor am i actually killing myself. i realize that intelligent people should realize this, but i feel that some people may need to be told.)
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Monday, August 28th, 2006

Time:11:07 am.
remember the days when my life was boring and predictable? well, i kind of miss that. this year, my life has taken so many turns for the weird... mostly bad, sometimes neutral, occasionally good. but always bizarre. i told miriam that my life has turned into an edgy adult sitcom. at least it's not boring.

on a completely different note, who knows when celeste is getting back from india? or if you're celeste and you're already back, then why the hell haven't you called me, bitch?
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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

Time:8:56 pm.
so i just realized that i never did post any pictures of my cats on the internet, and not all of you have seen them, or at least not recently, and belzer -- who used to be a cute little kitten -- has gotten huge and magnificent.

i took my monsters to the vet today and he told me i do a wonderful job taking care of them and they're both very healthy. so yay for that. belzer is just over a year old and weighs 16.6 pounds, which means that he is massive, and definitely too big for trying to sit on my shoulder like a parrot (something he likes to do), but i'm told he's just big-boned (honestly, that's what the vet said!) AND he entertained the vet, who said that it's incredibly rare for a cat to run around and play in the office after he's finished having a checkup and getting shots. that's really just because belzer is incredibly stupid, yet lovable. nobody could expect me to get cats without personality, could they?

and now pictures of adorable cats!!!

that's belzer playing with something under my computer chair

rufus, being cute

as for me, i'm still somewhat mopey, in pain, and spacey from painkillers. however, 2 days until thursday, when hopefully my jaw-related woes will come to an end! wish me luck and compliment me on my lovely kitties!
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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Subject:my questions from miriam!
Time:9:13 pm.
Mood: chipper.
more of the 5 questions, because i have no life!

1. How do you have and remember such weird and interesting dreams?
i think i have them because i have a generally fucked-up psyche, and my weird dreams are part of my way of dealing with life. i'm not sure why i remember my weird dreams more than most people do... it might be because i usually wake up like 50 times a night, so i always remember coming out of a dream. but i'm not sure that that's an accurate scientific explanation. i'm going to go with my original explanation and say that it's all because i'm awesome.

2. Other than purple hair, what part of your body, if any, would you wish to change from it's natural state? I'm talking sholderblades become wings, skin is green and able to make energy from the sun, nose able to detach...
i'd like lasers in my eyes. for no real reason except that i'd love to shoot laser beams from my eyes.

3. If Belzer and Rufus weren't both fixed boys and they had kittens, what would the kittens' temperment and names be?
i think the kittens would be wacky but hopefully a little smarter than belzer. and i'd definitely name them all gomez.

4. What was your favorite halloween costume from the past 6 years? Why?
well, i didn't dress up that much in the past 6 years, just a couple times. i would, however, have to say this past year's golden snitch costume for the harry potter party, because i ultimately ended up looking like a shiny gold hooker.

5. If 900 lbs of bananas would fit into your pants, how many lbs of bananas would fit into Hopkins.
holy crap, that's a lot of bananas... hopkins is a lot bigger than my pants. i'd have to say about 15,000 pounds of bananas.
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Subject:more of the 5 questions meme!!! damn, this thing NEVER gets old...
Time:7:37 pm.
Mood: happy.
these questions are from lauren...

1. What breakfast food can you tolerate most?
um, probably cereal. or any breakfast meats, because i like meat at any time of the day, and i really love bacon.

2. Assuming you could have these animals as pets, would you rather have a galapagos turtle or a llama?
a galapagos turtle, totally. because then i really could ride it to class like the totally stupid frat boy in my bio class suggested a few years back (though i wouldn't have class forever, so i suppose i'd ride it to work...)

3. Would you still want to sleep with John Eddie if the opportunity arose?
hmmmm... i'm not sure i ever would have actually slept with john eddie, as much as i said i would. i mean, i adore the man and always will and he'll always stay on my 10,000 babies list, but he's definitely a little out of my age range.

4. What are some of your favorite lines from the pants book? (if you remember them!)
now you make me sad that the pants book is gone. but i can definitely remember a few lines, at least my favorites, like:
"look in your pants. you know it to be true." and
"hello, i love you let me jump in your pants." (THAT is my ultimate favorite)
also "make a little birdhouse in your pants" is pretty good

5. When you come to visit me eventually, what fun and wacky things should we do?
anything fun and wacky is always awesome. i think that we should cook fun food, preferably involving chocolate and cheese (though in separate dishes) and you can show me the place that you live in that's actually exciting, as opposed to my location. maybe we could actually have our gilmore girls marathon if we can find the gilmore girls dvds.

alright folks, that's it for this edition, but you know the drill... if you want questions, leave a comment and you'll get questions.
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Subject:5 questions from julie!!
Time:7:28 am.
Mood:don't wanna go to work!.
alright, here are my 5 questions from julie...

1. You get a call to join a band as their official roadie, but they need a name. What's it going to be?
i think "nudist romp with tom selleck". i would love to be a part of that magic.

2. As of this week, how many thousands of babies do you owe to various celebrities?
hmm... i think i have like 135 people on my 10,000 babies list. so that would be 1,350,000. that's a hell of a lot.

3. Is it just me, or was that new partner Cragen stuck Elliot with way worse than Elliot? If you could force them to make the show about Munch and Fin for the duration of Mariska Hargitay's pregnancy, would you? And how would you do it?
yes, that new partner was way worse than elliot. he was a total buttmunch. and about the munch and fin thing, i would love to see a show on them, but i don't know that i'd do it because i think it might bring viewership down if i just made the show about them or made a show called "richard belzer's tapdancing detective unit" or something like that (which i would totally watch)... but i do think that with mariska hargitay being busy procreating and all that, they should let munch and fin pick up some of the slack and give them more air time, instead of just concentrating on elliot and his buttmunch temporary partners for the next few months. it'll get way old.

4. The Goblet of Fire becomes enchanted, allowing it to continuously refill itself with either water or 1 alcoholic beverage. What alcoholic beverage will it be?
first let me make sure of this: i'll still be able to drink water from other cups, right? it's not like i have to only drink alcohol forever if i pick the alcoholic beverage. cause then i'd die of dehydration and that would suck. but i think i'd pick long island iced tea, because it's tasty and it's efficient... it packs a lot of alcohol into a small space :-P

5. If you could live anywhere for 3 months without money, travel expense or language concerns, where would it be?
ireland, i think. or australia. i've always wanted to go to those places.
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Thursday, April 27th, 2006

Time:10:31 pm.
<td align="center"> Bernadette --

Insatiable to the point of crazy

'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at QuizUniverse.com</td>

also, i had a nice long talk with miriam today about how we would both like to play sexual pirates someday (but not together). this game involves being tied up on a boat, scurvy, a parrot, and of course, getting lots of splinters from having sex on said boat.
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Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

Subject:this is what nadine and i having a wholesome weekend looks like...
Time:7:20 pm.
yesterday, nadine and brian visited me here in bethlehem, and we spent the day watching more bad zombie movies. then we went and ate a festive mexican dinner, and they kidnapped me and took me to lancaster with them for the night. today, nadine and i decided that we should try to be more wholesome to impress my therapist, so we got up and went to church, which was excellent. we decided that we love the reverend with the british accent. then we got sandwiches and rita's, played some wario ware, and made this video because we are so awesome.

yeah, we're weird.

now i'm back in bethlehem, i took a walk outside, and i'm going to eat dinner. big plans, those are.
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Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Subject:reflections (look at bernie being deep)
Time:8:28 pm.
Mood: tired.
it's so strange. for the first time since i left the damn place, today i miss iup. and i think it's the weather, because this was the time of the year that i actually enjoyed walking around the campus and being outside. and doing things like sitting in big flowerpots. and here at lehigh, i don't know the campus at all, and i see the occasional student sitting outside doing homework, and i just get this weird urge to find a very strange place and just sit there and read (even if the only book i have is ayn rand and i'd much rather rip it to shreds than actually read it).

i've also noticed that this is an incredibly bizarre time of the year for me. the end of winter/beginning of spring, for the last 3 years at least, is the time of year when i'm both incredibly sad and incredibly happy, when i tend to be completely lost and then somehow find myself again, when my life falls apart and i have to put it back together the best i can.

the start of this trend, the best i can pinpoint, is 3 years ago when rashaud decided that we needed to "take a break" or whatever and stopped talking to me for 2 months, which nearly killed me (pretty much literally). that sent me into a downward spiral which i actually came out of much better because that's when i found my dirty hippie side and started joining every organization at iup and sitting in flowerpots with celeste.

the next year, the best i can remember, had no major catastrophes, except that it was around this time of year that rashaud and i had considerable arguments over his parents not thinking i was good enough, which had me in tears a lot because... well, having your fiance tell you that his parents don't like you and it's all your fault isn't something that's fun to hear. however, this was, i recall, the same time that i had an ian staying with me for 2 weeks, which is one of my fondest memories from that year (or maybe even my entire college career), because ian and i did almost nothing but eat and watch bad television (like staying up until 4 am to watch boy meets world and 3rd rock from the sun), and that was the time of the crazy bread night.

and last year... well, if people who are reading this don't know that rashaud and i broke up last year at pretty much this time, then you're just really slow. and yet i made it through the rest of my semester and ended up having many crazy fun times. so maybe the spring equinox really just hates me, and it is, in fact, not a coincidence that i broke up with 2 boyfriends on the same date 2 years in a row.

and yet, right now i'm feeling ok, good even. the weather is beautiful, i just took the last midterm of my grad school career (well, unless i decide to go back eventually, which is quite probable... but for now, it's the last one) and it went well, i've been doing well in my quest to eat healthy, i had an awesome weekend with nadine last weekend with lots of zombie weekends and some john eddie, and i feel right now like i generally have my life under control, which is something that is rare for me. so yay.

however, i am freakin exhausted now even though it's only 9, so i don't know what i'm going to do about that... it's not bedtime, but i'm certainly not being functional anymore tonight. maybe some reading or law and order :)
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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Subject:this is how awesome i am
Time:7:13 am.
so monday night i slept not very much, because i'm sure all of my friends are familiar with my sleeping difficulties when i am stressed. and then yesterday i went to work on little sleep, took a midterm that i didn't study for on little sleep, and probably failed said midterm. it's really the first time a test has nearly made me cry, and not only because of the little sleep and emotional events of the past couple days, either. the test just plain sucked.

anyway, i decided that i would drink a little bit of wine with my dinner last night to ensure that i'd actually sleep through the night. and since i've been trying to eat healthy lately, and for the most part being successful (with the exception of yesterday lunch, when i ate fast food because i was tired and cranky and i wanted junk food, damnit), i ate a salad, which isn't much in my tummy. so i believe i was a little tipsy. i called little john because i hadn't talked to him in a while and wanted to know how his life was going at his new job. and the point of this whole story is that he gave me his new address and i wrote it down. however, i wrote the city and state down as such:
Wallops IsanSalapnd VanV

makes a lot of sense, huh?

but the important thing is that i did sleep through the night last night.
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Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Subject:if you stick it in your vagina, you owe me a toothbrush
Time:1:15 pm.
Mood: tired.
so here's an update about my crazy weekend in michigan, complete with pictures! i promised that i would have wacky adventures, and did i ever! i was nice and put it under a cut because it is butt-assedly longCollapse )
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Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

Subject:wacky adventures!
Time:10:54 am.
starting tomorrow, this will be my life!

i leave for michigan tomorrow after work once h newlin gets here! yippee!!!

unfortunately, today i am home from work sick. however, i will be better tomorrow because i will force it upon myself. because wacky adventures must ensue, damnit!
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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

Time:10:24 pm.
awesomest meme ever stolen from kittenshoes: read it... if you dare!Collapse )
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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Time:9:52 pm.
Mood: happy.
so today i was so damn productive it hurt! (either that or the pain was just radiating from my wounded elbow...) i woke up in a funk, but i broke that funk with productivity. here is a list of things i did...
~picked up my paycheck, went to lunch with my dad, and paid my rent.
~took a walk.
~called a mental health professional to try to schedule an appointment to get my damn head back on track, so that by the time i move i can be at least somewhat mentally healthy. i didn't get to make an appointment today... had to leave a message... but still, it's a first step and the lady will call me back shortly.
~fixed my resume and applied to jobs at 2 different places.
~went to church because it's ash wednesday. (incidentally, i decided that i'm going to give up red meat for lent, because it will help me in my quest to eat healthier... not that i think red meat is always bad for you, but it will help me with various things, like not eating spaghettios, since i always have the ones with meatballs, and not eating really greasy cheeseburgers when i'm hungover.)
~called my uncle bill about possibly getting together sometime when i'm in michigan next week, because he and my aunt live about an hour from ann arbor and it would be silly to not even try to see them when i'm that close.

so yeah... in conclusion, i am awesome! and there is currently a NEW -- read it, NEW!!!-- law and order on the tv!! it's been like 3 weeks, and boy have i been missing it. so the rest of my night shall be spent watching tv and reading my required daily 5 pages of the fountainhead.

also, in related happy news, rhett miller's new cd came out yesterday! i don't yet have the money to buy it because i had to pay rent today and save the rest of the money i have to go to michigan, but the next paycheck i get i will immediately buy it (and the new harry potter movie that is coming out soon!) AND rhett miller, aka the most beautiful man in the world, is coming to philly in april, and i am going to see him. and i convinced joe to come with me, because he also thinks that rhett miller is pretty (though i'm not sure how good of a sign that is...)

alright, back to the television, because law and order is more important than all y'alls.
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Subject:work-related injuries
Time:10:52 am.
so i'm sure some of you at least are wondering about my away message yesterday that said i had a work-related injury, and obviously if i am playing with the livejournal right now then i'm not at work at the moment.

i got entirely bitch-slapped at work yesterday by one of our nastier clients and had to go to the hospital because he jammed my elbow, basically, and it hurt to bend and made icky popping noises and my pinky was tingling. they x-rayed me and nothing is broken, which i didn't expect it to be, but i do have a bruised nerve, hence the tingling, and the joint is swollen, hence the popping sounds. so i get anti-inflammatory drugs to make the swelling go down and eventually the tingling will stop. and for a couple days i'm supposed to not use my right arm so much, which is why i didn't go to work today, because it is very hard to do things when you can't bend your right arm. and i get made fun of a lot... after i got back from the er, joe and i went to dinner and i got laughed at muchly for not being able to do simple things like eat a sandwich. try it sometime... picking up a big sandwich without bending your right elbow. it's not easy. so i had to make joe cut my sandwich in half for me, and i felt pathetic. not to mention that we got the MEANEST waiter ever, to the point where it was comical. seriously dudes, this waiter had some problem with me and made fun of me all night. he didn't seem to have a problem with joe, but he made fun of me somehow every time he came to the table. i think i offended him when i only wanted water to drink, though i'm not sure why that would be offensive.

alright, i'm off now, i think. to do i have no idea what, because i've got nothing to do. but maybe i'll contemplate the idea that it's ash wednesday and if i want to give anything up for lent, i've got until later today to figure it out...
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Monday, February 27th, 2006

Subject:only 7 episodes of 7th heaven left! oh noooooo!
Time:6:27 pm.
Mood:i have to pee!.
nadine has seemingly inspired me after our weekend of hanging out and still eating somewhat healthy food. i have decided that i'm going to try to eat things that are good for me. because, quite frankly, i should probably do something that will not be conducive to me dying at 30. and also, i'm tired of feeling like a fatass (and the first person who weighs like 50 pounds less than me to tell me i'm not fat gets pimp-slapped, i swear.) so we're going to try being healthy for a little while and see if it flies. now, am i going to go crazy with this thing? hell no. i still ate some candy today, but i stuck to a proper serving size AND nothing that i ate all day was deep-fried. also, i drank milk, and i hate milk. but it's good for me, and i should drink it, probably... nutrition and all that. things that go in my mouth should have some nutritional content (unless i'm getting paid a dollar to put it in my mouth, in which case i've only got 2 rules, and we all know what those are...)

so yeah, that's my new plan. we'll see if i can be good until i go to michigan, because i have 2 very seriously not-healthy things planned for there: 1) eating flaming cheese, and 2) drinking heavily. and i would say that that can be my life plan. i'll try to eat good foods from now on, with the occasional trip to the dark side for binge drinking and cheese on fire (which, by the way, would be an excellent name for a band)

also, i am super-psyched for this upcoming visit to celeste's, because it is going to be the biggest game of how-many-people-can-we-fit-into-celeste's-apartment EVER!!! and while some people may enjoy personal space, i am not one of them. at least not when it comes to my friends :)
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Time:7:16 am.
i just woke up all disoriented because i had a wacky dream... i dreamed that i went to a hanson concert and i was the only girl there. the rest of the people were all really really tall guys and they were all hitting on me, including the substitute bass player who only had one arm and played the guitar behind his back with his one arm.
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Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Subject:so, how many weight watchers points is semen worth anyway?
Time:10:55 pm.
i went to lancaster this weekend and proved that nadine and i can have a fun and awesome time without being constantly drunk (though i suppose we have done that before, i guess). we painted more pottery (i made a plate of fire) and picked up our stuff from last weekend. i drank out of my goblet of fire all weekend. friday night i drank a whole bottle of wine just because i wanted to see how much i could fit into my fantastic goblet. the answer is that it fits nearly a full bottle of wine... i think i'll be drinking a lot more wine from now on, just because i have this goblet. it's sad but true. friday night we watched freaks and it made me think of lauren. that is a movie that truly stands the test of time. saturday we watched collateral because i still want to be jamie foxx when i grow up, and then we watched copious amounts of aquateen hunger force. today we made the cast of aquateen out of clay. we are the best crafters ever.

also, we ate healthy the entire weekend and were not gluttonous at all. i have discovered that weight watchers is a fun system and i like seeing how many points are in food. i spent much of the weekend looking through nadine's "propaganda". we decided that the core plan is bad because it's too complicated and you can't blow the waiter if you go to a restaurant. or at least, you can't swallow if you do... and that happens to be one of my favorite activities.

now i'm back to the real world... or at least my equivalent of it. work tomorrow, work and class tuesday, and so on. but in less than two weeks, i go visit celeste, and that makes me happy. and now i go sleep because i'm really exhausted right now.
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Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Subject:i love brian
Time:4:10 pm.
i'm in lancaster for the weekend, and i just had to briefly update that brian is my new hero. he made me this new icon which i love more than life itself. yay!

now i'm off to make crafty thingies with nadine.
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