Hottie Hotterson and the Old Baby Chutes (masshysteria) wrote,
Hottie Hotterson and the Old Baby Chutes

so, how many weight watchers points is semen worth anyway?

i went to lancaster this weekend and proved that nadine and i can have a fun and awesome time without being constantly drunk (though i suppose we have done that before, i guess). we painted more pottery (i made a plate of fire) and picked up our stuff from last weekend. i drank out of my goblet of fire all weekend. friday night i drank a whole bottle of wine just because i wanted to see how much i could fit into my fantastic goblet. the answer is that it fits nearly a full bottle of wine... i think i'll be drinking a lot more wine from now on, just because i have this goblet. it's sad but true. friday night we watched freaks and it made me think of lauren. that is a movie that truly stands the test of time. saturday we watched collateral because i still want to be jamie foxx when i grow up, and then we watched copious amounts of aquateen hunger force. today we made the cast of aquateen out of clay. we are the best crafters ever.

also, we ate healthy the entire weekend and were not gluttonous at all. i have discovered that weight watchers is a fun system and i like seeing how many points are in food. i spent much of the weekend looking through nadine's "propaganda". we decided that the core plan is bad because it's too complicated and you can't blow the waiter if you go to a restaurant. or at least, you can't swallow if you do... and that happens to be one of my favorite activities.

now i'm back to the real world... or at least my equivalent of it. work tomorrow, work and class tuesday, and so on. but in less than two weeks, i go visit celeste, and that makes me happy. and now i go sleep because i'm really exhausted right now.
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