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if you stick it in your vagina, you owe me a toothbrush

so here's an update about my crazy weekend in michigan, complete with pictures! i promised that i would have wacky adventures, and did i ever!

thursday: h newlin and i left after i got off work, and drove a million and one hours to michigan. it was fairly uneventful, except that we got a new boyfriend - a trucker named tom who stalked us a little bit during a traffic jam. aside from that incident, we arrived in ann arbor relatively unscathed at 2:30 am and stayed up until about 4:30 conversing and being generally ridiculous.

friday: woke up, ate macaroni and cheese, walked around ann arbor, went grocery shopping, and then met my uncle for dinner. that night we watched cannibal the musical and reefer madness the musical. they were both fabulous. also, celeste and i did a lot of singing about chutney and drove h and jarrid crazy.

saturday: this is when things get interesting. we left to pick miriam up from the airport, and my car DIED literally at the terminal. just stopped. and wouldn't start again, even when the nice airport tow truck man tried to jump start it. so we figured out that it was the alternator, and we managed to jump start it enough that i could drive it to a gas station very nearby and call aaa. here is a picture of poor hopkins on the tow truck.

also, the tow truck man was FABULOUS, even though he thought miriam was 12. and he pulled some weird piece of rubber out of my car and nobody has since figured out what it was doing there. my car then went off to someplace where it would be fixed on monday and we waited for a million years for celeste's friend johnny to come pick us up. while we were waiting for him to show up, miriam accidentally fed me coconut. luckily, we realized it early enough that i didn't die or have to use my epi-pen (which is, by the way, expired). but i did spit fruit snacks out in public.
once johnny showed up, we went back to celeste's house after a brief stop at the grocery store to pick up plastic cups and CHUTNEY just so we could make a line for chutney at the party that night.

incidentally, chutney tastes really bad.
and the party was fun, though i remember not too much of it. apparently, i got this guy
thrown at my head, which would explain why i was so achey when i woke up on sunday and why i still have a bump on my head. however, nobody can tell me how i broke 2 toes, but i did.

sunday: we all got up at some point, and were feeling lazy. the original intention was to sit around celeste's apartment all day, but after we got food in our bellies, we decided to go walk around ann arbor because it was a nice day. we got some men's pocky because apparently i'm really getting into men's pocky lately. it turned out to be delicious.

later that day, chris and julie left, but not before i took this fantastic picture of them with chris wearing celeste's very gay-pride-ish hat.

so then it was time to try to figure out how the hell we were going to go back to almost detroit to get my car the next day when none of us had a car, and we ended up with one of the most complicated plans in the world that turned out to be sort of fun. jarrid apparently has the nicest friends in the world who live near the place where my car was, and they were willing to get 4 of us and bring us to their house and let us stay the night and bring us to my car the next day. they also had the most adorable child in the world. so we went there, watched movies, and went to sleep.

monday: my car ended up not being ready until 4. and then we got lost both going to get my car and coming back from getting the damn car. this meant that h newlin and i didn't get out of ann arbor until about 7. we drove all night powered by energy drinks, a stop at eat 'n park in clarion, and singing like dumbasses. we got back to bethlehem at about 5 am, unloaded my car, and then took h to the bus station so she could go back to philly and try to go to work. i decided not to go to work and instead stay home and try to get a couple hours of sleep so i can make it to class tonight.

that may actually be one of the most action-packed weekends i've ever had, and celeste and h have both told me that the next time i say i want wacky adventures they're not hanging out with me. i think that may be a good decision.
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