Hottie Hotterson and the Old Baby Chutes (masshysteria) wrote,
Hottie Hotterson and the Old Baby Chutes

this is what nadine and i having a wholesome weekend looks like...

yesterday, nadine and brian visited me here in bethlehem, and we spent the day watching more bad zombie movies. then we went and ate a festive mexican dinner, and they kidnapped me and took me to lancaster with them for the night. today, nadine and i decided that we should try to be more wholesome to impress my therapist, so we got up and went to church, which was excellent. we decided that we love the reverend with the british accent. then we got sandwiches and rita's, played some wario ware, and made this video because we are so awesome.

yeah, we're weird.

now i'm back in bethlehem, i took a walk outside, and i'm going to eat dinner. big plans, those are.
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