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5 questions from julie!!

alright, here are my 5 questions from julie...

1. You get a call to join a band as their official roadie, but they need a name. What's it going to be?
i think "nudist romp with tom selleck". i would love to be a part of that magic.

2. As of this week, how many thousands of babies do you owe to various celebrities?
hmm... i think i have like 135 people on my 10,000 babies list. so that would be 1,350,000. that's a hell of a lot.

3. Is it just me, or was that new partner Cragen stuck Elliot with way worse than Elliot? If you could force them to make the show about Munch and Fin for the duration of Mariska Hargitay's pregnancy, would you? And how would you do it?
yes, that new partner was way worse than elliot. he was a total buttmunch. and about the munch and fin thing, i would love to see a show on them, but i don't know that i'd do it because i think it might bring viewership down if i just made the show about them or made a show called "richard belzer's tapdancing detective unit" or something like that (which i would totally watch)... but i do think that with mariska hargitay being busy procreating and all that, they should let munch and fin pick up some of the slack and give them more air time, instead of just concentrating on elliot and his buttmunch temporary partners for the next few months. it'll get way old.

4. The Goblet of Fire becomes enchanted, allowing it to continuously refill itself with either water or 1 alcoholic beverage. What alcoholic beverage will it be?
first let me make sure of this: i'll still be able to drink water from other cups, right? it's not like i have to only drink alcohol forever if i pick the alcoholic beverage. cause then i'd die of dehydration and that would suck. but i think i'd pick long island iced tea, because it's tasty and it's efficient... it packs a lot of alcohol into a small space :-P

5. If you could live anywhere for 3 months without money, travel expense or language concerns, where would it be?
ireland, i think. or australia. i've always wanted to go to those places.
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