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my questions from miriam!

more of the 5 questions, because i have no life!

1. How do you have and remember such weird and interesting dreams?
i think i have them because i have a generally fucked-up psyche, and my weird dreams are part of my way of dealing with life. i'm not sure why i remember my weird dreams more than most people do... it might be because i usually wake up like 50 times a night, so i always remember coming out of a dream. but i'm not sure that that's an accurate scientific explanation. i'm going to go with my original explanation and say that it's all because i'm awesome.

2. Other than purple hair, what part of your body, if any, would you wish to change from it's natural state? I'm talking sholderblades become wings, skin is green and able to make energy from the sun, nose able to detach...
i'd like lasers in my eyes. for no real reason except that i'd love to shoot laser beams from my eyes.

3. If Belzer and Rufus weren't both fixed boys and they had kittens, what would the kittens' temperment and names be?
i think the kittens would be wacky but hopefully a little smarter than belzer. and i'd definitely name them all gomez.

4. What was your favorite halloween costume from the past 6 years? Why?
well, i didn't dress up that much in the past 6 years, just a couple times. i would, however, have to say this past year's golden snitch costume for the harry potter party, because i ultimately ended up looking like a shiny gold hooker.

5. If 900 lbs of bananas would fit into your pants, how many lbs of bananas would fit into Hopkins.
holy crap, that's a lot of bananas... hopkins is a lot bigger than my pants. i'd have to say about 15,000 pounds of bananas.
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