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only 7 episodes of 7th heaven left! oh noooooo!

nadine has seemingly inspired me after our weekend of hanging out and still eating somewhat healthy food. i have decided that i'm going to try to eat things that are good for me. because, quite frankly, i should probably do something that will not be conducive to me dying at 30. and also, i'm tired of feeling like a fatass (and the first person who weighs like 50 pounds less than me to tell me i'm not fat gets pimp-slapped, i swear.) so we're going to try being healthy for a little while and see if it flies. now, am i going to go crazy with this thing? hell no. i still ate some candy today, but i stuck to a proper serving size AND nothing that i ate all day was deep-fried. also, i drank milk, and i hate milk. but it's good for me, and i should drink it, probably... nutrition and all that. things that go in my mouth should have some nutritional content (unless i'm getting paid a dollar to put it in my mouth, in which case i've only got 2 rules, and we all know what those are...)

so yeah, that's my new plan. we'll see if i can be good until i go to michigan, because i have 2 very seriously not-healthy things planned for there: 1) eating flaming cheese, and 2) drinking heavily. and i would say that that can be my life plan. i'll try to eat good foods from now on, with the occasional trip to the dark side for binge drinking and cheese on fire (which, by the way, would be an excellent name for a band)

also, i am super-psyched for this upcoming visit to celeste's, because it is going to be the biggest game of how-many-people-can-we-fit-into-celeste's-apartment EVER!!! and while some people may enjoy personal space, i am not one of them. at least not when it comes to my friends :)
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