Hottie Hotterson and the Old Baby Chutes (masshysteria) wrote,
Hottie Hotterson and the Old Baby Chutes

work-related injuries

so i'm sure some of you at least are wondering about my away message yesterday that said i had a work-related injury, and obviously if i am playing with the livejournal right now then i'm not at work at the moment.

i got entirely bitch-slapped at work yesterday by one of our nastier clients and had to go to the hospital because he jammed my elbow, basically, and it hurt to bend and made icky popping noises and my pinky was tingling. they x-rayed me and nothing is broken, which i didn't expect it to be, but i do have a bruised nerve, hence the tingling, and the joint is swollen, hence the popping sounds. so i get anti-inflammatory drugs to make the swelling go down and eventually the tingling will stop. and for a couple days i'm supposed to not use my right arm so much, which is why i didn't go to work today, because it is very hard to do things when you can't bend your right arm. and i get made fun of a lot... after i got back from the er, joe and i went to dinner and i got laughed at muchly for not being able to do simple things like eat a sandwich. try it sometime... picking up a big sandwich without bending your right elbow. it's not easy. so i had to make joe cut my sandwich in half for me, and i felt pathetic. not to mention that we got the MEANEST waiter ever, to the point where it was comical. seriously dudes, this waiter had some problem with me and made fun of me all night. he didn't seem to have a problem with joe, but he made fun of me somehow every time he came to the table. i think i offended him when i only wanted water to drink, though i'm not sure why that would be offensive.

alright, i'm off now, i think. to do i have no idea what, because i've got nothing to do. but maybe i'll contemplate the idea that it's ash wednesday and if i want to give anything up for lent, i've got until later today to figure it out...
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