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so today i was so damn productive it hurt! (either that or the pain was just radiating from my wounded elbow...) i woke up in a funk, but i broke that funk with productivity. here is a list of things i did...
~picked up my paycheck, went to lunch with my dad, and paid my rent.
~took a walk.
~called a mental health professional to try to schedule an appointment to get my damn head back on track, so that by the time i move i can be at least somewhat mentally healthy. i didn't get to make an appointment today... had to leave a message... but still, it's a first step and the lady will call me back shortly.
~fixed my resume and applied to jobs at 2 different places.
~went to church because it's ash wednesday. (incidentally, i decided that i'm going to give up red meat for lent, because it will help me in my quest to eat healthier... not that i think red meat is always bad for you, but it will help me with various things, like not eating spaghettios, since i always have the ones with meatballs, and not eating really greasy cheeseburgers when i'm hungover.)
~called my uncle bill about possibly getting together sometime when i'm in michigan next week, because he and my aunt live about an hour from ann arbor and it would be silly to not even try to see them when i'm that close.

so yeah... in conclusion, i am awesome! and there is currently a NEW -- read it, NEW!!!-- law and order on the tv!! it's been like 3 weeks, and boy have i been missing it. so the rest of my night shall be spent watching tv and reading my required daily 5 pages of the fountainhead.

also, in related happy news, rhett miller's new cd came out yesterday! i don't yet have the money to buy it because i had to pay rent today and save the rest of the money i have to go to michigan, but the next paycheck i get i will immediately buy it (and the new harry potter movie that is coming out soon!) AND rhett miller, aka the most beautiful man in the world, is coming to philly in april, and i am going to see him. and i convinced joe to come with me, because he also thinks that rhett miller is pretty (though i'm not sure how good of a sign that is...)

alright, back to the television, because law and order is more important than all y'alls.
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