Hottie Hotterson and the Old Baby Chutes (masshysteria) wrote,
Hottie Hotterson and the Old Baby Chutes

awesomest meme ever stolen from kittenshoes:

1. the age you'll be on your next birthday

2. your favorite color

you know, i never knew that the color blue was so damn sexy...

3. your middle name

4. where you'd like to lose your virginity

haaaaaaaaahahahaha, 10 points to anyone who can guess what i googled for this one :)

5. a bad habit of yours

yup... i'm a prostitute

6. favorite fruit or vegetable

7. favorite animal

8. the town you live in

9. the name of a pet

10. best friend's nickname

and that, my friends, is what you get when you google image search the word "meathead"

11. your first name

shit! i'm scared by that!

12. your last name

13. the one you love
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